The NEXUS Profile – Advanced Report


Take for the first time OR Upgrade your existing NEXUS Profile to the “ADVANCED Report & Package” – a comprehensive toolkit for unlocking your true potential and enhancing every aspect of your life.

With the upgrade, you receive:

  • Detailed Insights: Expanded information on all 4 NEXUS Types and 6 Blends for a deeper understanding of your personality.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Tailored approaches for interacting with each type and blend, improving your relationships and interactions.
  • Exclusive eCourses: Lifetime access to ‘Practical Guide To Honoring Through Disagreement’ and ‘WHY in the WORLD do they act that way’, enriching your personal development journey.
  • The NOT LESS OR EQUAL Project: 52 transformative lessons delivered to your inbox, guiding you towards a greater purpose.
  • Comprehensive Downloads: PDFs of the NEXUS Profile Handbook and detailed video report scripts for ongoing reference and study.
  • Invaluable Resources: Over $1000 worth of content and tools, available to you for just $109.

NOTE: Choose this product if you have not taken the NEXUS Profile before and would like to purchase the Advanced Report & Package, OR if you would like to UPGRADE the FREE Version of the NEXUS Profile. You will NOT have to re-take the assessment if you have already taken it.