Jan Schaffner

Jan is a lover of God and a FREEDOM FIGHTER!

She is a Mom and a Gramma to her amazing growing family.
She is a published author of a FREEDOM Series and a Ministry Director; a Kingdom of God discipler, equipper and trainer.

Her passion is to set captives free to fully embrace their truest identities and Kingdom destinies.

Healing STARTS With Understanding

Most people feel they are missing out on the life they were meant to live. The NEXUS Profile was created to help you unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, giving you permission to embrace the way God designed you. This understanding enables you to thrive in every area of your life.

That’s why I recommend everyone take the NEXUS Profile.

Unlike a typical personality assessment, the NEXUS Profile is a tool grounded in Biblical principles, designed to help you discover and understand your ORIGINAL Design.

Healing begins with understanding. Take the NEXUS Profile today and start your journey to a more fulfilling life.

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Books From Jan Schaffner

Stand Firm to be Free!

Volume I Revised Edition (Freedom Book 1)

This is the first in a series of books and resources on FREEDOM and stepping into your true identity in Christ. This Devotional toolkit/ Journal is designed to empower you to become the best version of yourself. Get ready for a transformational encounter journey that will change you life!

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REEDEMED For Freedom

Volume II

Did you know your complete Freedom was fully paid for on the cross?
“In Him we have REDEMPTION through His blood the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.” Ephesians 1:7

This freedom toolkit is filled with keys to access your Heavenly account.

Get ready to receive everything that was paid for on the cross for you….

  • Forever His
  • Redeemed by His blood
  • Embracing your identity
  • Eliminating every lie
  • Decreeing and declaring
  • Overcoming every obstacle
  • Maintaining your FREEDOM!
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Fast Forward into Freedom

A Wholistic Journey Spirit, Soul and Body

Jan has been on a wholistic journey to find her own wholeness and transformation for the last 25 years. Fast Forward into Freedom is her testimony of losing 35 lbs and being healed of 4 chronic diseases in 4-5 months.
She was the leader of a Wholeness Ministry, helping multiple hundreds find healing and freedom. She will help guide you
into your personal success using Intermittent fasting and helping you become “un-sabatoged” by breaking agreements with lies before getting started, This book contains many other tools to help you achieve your own healing and wholeness.

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