The Human NEXUS was established with the fundamental aim of assisting individuals in discovering their true selves, thereby enabling them to excel in all facets of life.

Our mission is dedicated to aiding every individual in realizing their divine purpose. To facilitate this, we have developed The Human NEXUS, complemented by dynamic workshops, and have introduced innovative coaching and consulting services. These initiatives are designed to foster significant growth, propelling us collectively towards the pinnacle of human flourishing.


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Founder | Communication Strategist, Speaker, Author, & Advisor

Most people are afraid they are missing the life they were meant to live. I help unlock a new understanding that gives people permission to be who they were created to be; so they can excel in every area of life.


Cofounder | Author, Musician, Creator of Beautiful Things…

Who am I? Is this not the question we strive to answer at some point and maybe at many points in our lives?

I am a woman, and I fully know it. I love who and what God has created me to be. I actively unwrap and discover new layers of the ever-changing and different versions I am and will grow into. This is not to say it is not often scary and uncomfortable (those changing pieces), but I have enough experience with life to know that growth often hurts in the short end but must occur in order to advance.

Where did the NEXUS Profile come from?

Over a decade ago, Chris Behnke initiated the development of the NEXUS Profile, driven by a profound commitment to assist business leaders in comprehending, guiding, and making informed hiring decisions.

The genesis of the NEXUS Profile involved a thorough investigation of existing personality assessments, the application of contemporary psychological methods for deciphering human behavior, and leveraging extensive firsthand experience. This comprehensive approach culminated in the creation of the NEXUS Profile.

In 2016, NEXUS Insight Solutions was established with the objective of further refining and advancing the technology and intellectual property integral to the NEXUS Profile Assessment. This initiative also extended to the development of concepts now integral to eCourses, workshops, executive coaching tools, and publications that draw upon the insights of the NEXUS Profile assessment. Further details about the evolution and mechanics of the NEXUS Profile can be explored at NEXUS Insight Solutions.

The NEXUS Profile has since gained international recognition, utilized by leaders, couples, parents, and individuals globally to gain a deeper understanding of their unique motivational drivers. This insight is pivotal in empowering individuals to embrace and actualize their true potential, thereby thriving in various aspects of their lives.

Our passion for what we do is unwavering, and we are confident in the transformative impact of our work. We welcome any inquiries and are eager to assist you in your journey of self-discovery and growth.

History of the NEXUS Profile


Chris Behnke embarked on a journey working with businesses and entrepreneurs, guiding them to recognize and effectively utilize their innate, God-given talents for business success. It was during this period that Chris started to formulate the foundational ideas that would eventually evolve into the “Original Design Approach.”

The genesis of the NEXUS Profile’s concepts can be traced back to this pivotal phase…


As a serial entrepreneur, Chris had the opportunity to collaborate with a multitude of businesses, CEOs, and leaders. This extensive interaction played a pivotal role in shaping the understanding and approach that would later be integral to the development of the NEXUS Profile. His diverse experience across various industry verticals, coupled with expertise in cross-generational hiring, termination, management, and operational development, significantly contributed to the creation of the profound foundational methodology employed in the NEXUS Profile.


NEXUS Insight Solutions was established with the primary objective of fully developing the intellectual property that would ultimately culminate in the creation of the NEXUS Profile. This endeavor was further enriched by the publication of Chris’s inaugural book, “The NEXUS Profile Handbook,” which delves into the intricacies of the NEXUS Profile. Additionally, the organization has developed a series of significant workshops covering a diverse range of topics, including marriage, leadership, hiring practices, conflict resolution, business management, entrepreneurship, and parenting.

For more detailed information about NEXUS Insight Solutions and its offerings, please visit NEXUS Insight Solutions.

2023 + Beyond!

In 2023, we underwent a significant rebranding, transitioning from CORE Identity to the NEXUS Profile. Concurrently, we introduced a new platform, GOD Designed. This strategic move was complemented by a partnership with Kingdom Learning, which now hosts our eCourses and Workshops. Furthermore, we expanded our offerings by launching our inaugural executive coaching and consulting programs. These new products are designed to enhance our scalability and extend our impact beyond the capabilities of a single brand.